I spent what seemed like a useless day in East Germany wondering around city where it is a prerequisite to have some type of crazy hair color strung about the top of your head. With no umbrella and a trench-al down poor passing by I was forced to stay indoors in what was called a "mall." After walking around in circles for two hours looking at the same five shops I went into a book store that had a handful of English books. Across the way was a cute little coffee shops with the oddest pictures on the wall, I was only able to snatch one pic. I got my lunch, sat down and began my highly awaited journey back into the Twilight saga with Eclipse. I then found myself lost in a fantasy world sipping my poorly made caramel macchiato, listening to the hard rain drops thud against the street and windows counting the hours until I could go back home to Hamburg and snatch my sister from the airport.
I also stubbled upon this cute store for home gadgets but was out of time to brows around. They name is just too cute.

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