back to basics

turtleneck: Gap. jeans: H&M. leg warmers: gift. boots: Aldo. hat: Hallhuber. necklace: gift. belt: um?

No more photographer. It's back to Mr. Tripod for me. You probably also noticed the back ground is back to my balcony too. I know it's sad and not as artsy but, Mr. Tripod  just can not take photos like my sister. If anyone can get my sister a German Visa to come live with me in the cold and take my photos then please speak up quick!

Today I went shopping for a winter coat with a friend who had her two year old niece in tow. What did it teach me?
1. I can not properly push a stroller.
2. If you have a stroller avoid stairs as much as possible.
3. Okay this list could go on for ever so I will just tell you I know I am no where near being ready to babysit unless I get to stay in one spot until mommy comes home. It was a lot of work and we were only gone for three hours.
Okay I have to confess it was not SO bad. I did have fun with the girl and we did play and laugh together. I did however not find a coat. I looked at a few places and they all seem to start at 36 and I need a 34!!! Does anyone know where to buy a WARM winter coat that delivers to Germany?


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous in these photos! Your skin in like porcelain doll flawless! And I think you did a fantastic job of taking your own photos. You can hardly tell I wasn't there taking them for you. :-)

    And yes please, to the world, help me move to Germany so I can be with my sis! I promise you'll see results via this blog, as I will take all her photos! Haha

  2. Red is a gorgeous color on you! Kind of missed the fire escape... ;-)

  3. This outfit is adorable! Simple, yet oh-so-cute! I also love the hat on you.

    Keep up the great work!

    - Caitlin http://re-mix-her.tumblr.com


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