fast times in my mirror

turtleneck: Hallhuber. button up: American Eagle. belt: Zara. jeans: Banana Rep. boots: Aldo.

So guys I am in a hurry so I will make this short and sweet, well at least short.  My brain is all over the place so here are a few details about my day:

- I woke up completely tired after a full seven hours of sleep. My eyes are red so I am actually kind of thankful you can’t see that in the lighting of my photos. 

-Posing in the mirror is not as easy as I’ve herd it is.

- I had no desire to lug my camera and tripod all the way to my balcony. Yeah I am that lazy. So I apologize for the white and yellow pictures. 

- This outfit is a slight repeat (from here) I wore different boots and jeans and added a turtleneck underneath (it’s cold and rainy here remember.) I also am wearing my hair slightly different. 

- Today I went and saw a movie for the first time alone.

- While waiting for said movie to start I had an hour to kill and went shopping. I picked up some cute hair accessories. Dang this circle of spending is killing my wallets spirit. I think I can hear her screaming at me from my bag.

- I think I am almost done choosing my 30 for 30 items. Are you? 

- I am meeting a girlfriend for dinner in 20 min.

Hope you all had a lovely day. Actually I would love to hear about it. Email me or comment below! 

Cheers Dears,


  1. Hey there ;-)

    Not sure, whether to take part in the 30 for 30 this round. Yeah, I'm that lazy :D hugs, Macs (macsblog.tumblr.com)

  2. PS: What movie did you see? Did you like it? Looking good as always, of course.


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