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When my sister, Kambra, found out the other day my computer was acting up she took the time to do a blog post for me as a "just in case." Is that not so sweet. So hold on to your hair ladies because she is heating things up (yep, just how it sounds we mean in the bedroom.) 
Oh I must warn you that this is not G rated so you may want little ones to leave the room before proceeding.  
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and while the thought of donning some sexy little plaything might make some of you cringe, remember this: Lingerie instantly makes you feel sexy, and when a man sees you in it, he’s certainly not going to notice any little flaws you might have! And if you’re still worried, try this amazing little trick: Dress as a sexy French maid, put on your best Parisian accent and lead him around your room while you “teach” him out to clean things. The outfit paired with the accent paired with you suggestively bending over things and dusting will drive him out of his mind! But if that’s not exactly your speed (it is a bit daring and not for every woman), don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered (or uncovered, depending on how you look at it). We searched around for some sure-to-impress pieces to help you out. Although, since we’ve bought so much of it for ourselves already, many of these stores might be sold out! Anyway, happy shopping, and we hope you find something that makes you — and him — go “ooh la la!”
Remember that maid scenario we suggested? Well here’s your first step in making the fantasy a reality! 
How could you not feel like a kittenish little vixen in something like this? It has just enough coverage if you’re shy about your midsection and adds some flirtatious embellishment to the part of your body most men love most: your derriere, dahlings!

Trust us when we say you’ll feel like you walked straight out of the Moulin Rogue in this Gaultier inspired bustier.
The delicate detailing on this piece will make you feel like you’re wearing super special — because you would be!
Why stop at French kissing when your panties have something to say, too? Our favorites are attaché-moi (tie me up) and baise-moi (um, we can’t politely tell you what that one says)!

 My sis is an amazing writer right? 

Cheers Dears, 


  1. oooh, so many inspirational looks for v-day! your sister is awesome for writing up this up for you!

    cute and little
    come join the color brigade!

  2. HELLLOOOO, Bre's sister! Haha. Great post! I'm sure my hubs would really like for me to take your advice!

  3. i bought some lingerie today!! but you make me want to go out and buy more!



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