oh my tailbone

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shirt: The Kooples. belt: American Eagle. jeans: Mango. boots: Russell & Bromley. necklace: Banana Rep. bracelet: Club Monaco. 

 Our snowboarding adventures are underway. I would have taking photos yesterday but I'm sure you don't want to see me eating dirt; um powder I guess is more appropriate here. See I am still in the learning process and I ate it several times yesterday and hard. I am taking a break today to nurse my poor tailbone, which can scarcely make it up stairs today. 

 Last night our group of 7 (I’m the only girl, the others flaked out) went out for Italian, but not before I took advantage of this little special something in a nook in out hotel. I felt like old school Christina Aguilera. You know before the baby, the divorce, the National Anthem fiasco, the arrest and the lawsuit. It still made fun photos so you may see more of this old record player this week. That is of course assuming I don’t break any bones while on the mountain or when we are out at the Après Ski. Cheers Dears, Bre


  1. You can sure rock a pair of jeans - love this look on you! What a great location for photos.

    Take care of your tailbone - I promise snowboarding gets more fun once you get the hang of it.

  2. oh goodness, i remembered when i first learned snowboarding my poor tailbone was in the same sad shape. it hurt so much that i couldn't even sit down by the end of the day!

    and i really love these jeans on you and what a cool photo spot!

    cute and little

  3. If there was ever a perfectly chic outfit/look for italian dinner, then it would be yours! Did you get those flowers yet, gorgeous? Take care of your cute butt! xox, Macs

  4. Your hair is glorious! And there is no way you were donating to DI when I was shopping there. Your clothes are awesome, and DI? All homemade dress-overalls.

    North Meets South

  5. I love these photos and the 70's feel of your outfit!!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  6. I've long since decided that since I didn't learn to ski/snowboard when my bones were young and resilient, these particular winter sports are not in my future. Good luck with the tailbone! Bruises on the bum = the worst. Be sure to lounge on your tummy and demand lots of ski lodge treats. =) Love the knotted shirt, by the by, as well as the old-school phonograph.

  7. I love the picture of you in the mirror smiling, so adorable! :))

  8. these are such cool pictures! i really like your outfits, i am so glad i came across your blog!


  9. Umm your hair is AMAZING and you look super glamorous in these photos! And wait... I'm caught up with Christina's fiascos up until the National Anthem thing... she got arrested? Gotta read up on this...

  10. I love this shirt! And your hair is fabulous.


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