bumblebee field

I know what you are thinking and your right. This is not a bumblebee field. In fact it is a dog park. There were just lots of bumblebees flying around when I got there and then all of a sudden some weird buzzing sound started coming from the bushes. What ever it was there was more than one of them. Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
button up: The Kooples. Shorts: Diane von Furstenberg. shoes: Giani Binni.

When it starts to get warm out but it not warm enough for sun dresses what do you go for first? 

a) Jeans and a tank/ t-shirt 
b) Or shorts and a long sleeve shirt 

I immediately go for long sleeves and shorts. It’s one of my staple outfits. I even wear the occasional hoodie and shorts combo. Don’t hate me I am just being honest here. 
Wishing you an awesome Wednesday! 
Cheers Dears,


  1. Those pleated shorts look so dang cute on you! Like for reals.

    p.s. this is Ash @ The Powder Room- blogger is a beast and wont let me post a comment under my profile.

  2. I like your style also in these pictures!


  3. lately i've been going for the jeans and tshirt route but honestly it's boring me, so I think I'm going to try you way tomorrow! It's cute!!

  4. haha i'm known to wear a scarf with a tank top, everyone's like WHY? haha. but i do enjoy a hoodie & shorts - especially around the beach. but i think on normal days, it's jeans & a tank for me. (prevents me from having to shave my legs!)

    xoxo, steph

  5. :-D

    I love these shorts!! I have a similar pair on in my avatar but I always pair them with patterned wolford tights. I like how the shorts make the piping on this shirt pop!



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