class or no class?

Does black count as a color? You see my outfit here looks classier with black heels. In an attempt to think outside the bun box I opted for colorful heels. They have pink in them so they sort of match my blazer and I have worn them with my yellow shirt before and liked the results. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 
(Not a good quality photo but you get the point. I actually look possessed don't I?)
blazer: Zara. silk blouse: Club Monaco. skirt: F21. heels: Cynthia Vincent. jeans: Mango.

I found a possible hip hop class to go to but nobody to go with. Some things, like work out classes, I just don't enjoy as much alone. This one would be of course in german which is even more intimidating so I would have three things against me: 
1) I am a beginner. 
2) I would be alone. 
3) I would not understand half of what was going on. 

So do I just muster up the courage (aka get off my couch) and go for it or wait until next week when I may have a friend to go with? What would you do?


  1. I say go for it! It will be an adventure :)

  2. Just do it, I bet you will have fun! Love that pink blazer!

  3. don't worry, just do it!
    loving the color combo

  4. Go by your self because when you wait on people you get nothing done.

  5. I swear I'm having the same situation. But mine is a zumba class & I don't want to go alone either. LOL Maybe today will be the day?! I say you go for it too! Have fun!!

  6. I dig the possessed look! ha! Love love love love this outfit! I can't say love enough. Those shoessss...hot stuff!

  7. What I would do is go with you!

    I have been wanting to take dance classes too for the longest time and end up being too shy and scared everybody else will be much better than me...

    I say we should be fearless and just go! I'm sure we would have the best time.

    ps: that top outfit is on it's own level of gorgeousness, zomg!

    Virginie’s Cinema ♥

  8. Haha, I would go to the hiphop class with you if I were in Germany! I really really like this outfit, I think your heels are amazing and tie the whole look together! Great colors!

  9. OMG I love this blazer!!



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