on my way to the US of A

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Hey guys! As I write this I am on my way to the airport. I got two snaps of my outfit in. I know it’s not wonderful BUT I will be in a plane for over 14 hours. With that much time sitting in economy comfy trumps looking good. Well got to jet! Cheers, Bre


  1. It's still cute! But your soo right comfy is always #1 when it comes to long plane rides!

  2. I am beyond in love with this outfit. I have a big obsession with maxi dresses and maxi skirts right now (I'm a little late on the trend train) and you make them look so chic. This top is to die for, as well. The combination makes me swoon.

    Have a good trip!

  3. You look so cute in this skirt. I love how casual cute you look to fly. Be safe.

  4. you look fab - the skirt is gorgeous x

  5. Enjoy the U S of A. Love your maxi skirt for a maxi flight. I'll miss you (or are you keeping us updated?).

  6. You're right, this outfit is not wonderful :(

    It is beyond wonderful!! I love this look and it is very smart casual and chic for travel. The maxi looks great but I love the top even more so!!! Where is it from?!?!? It looks like such a great versatile piece.


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