do these make me look homeless?

outfit details: 
leather jacket- IRO
top- Moth
fingerless gloves- Club Monaco
skirt- F21
shoes- Kurt Geiger

I know that when wearing fingerless gloves, which I’m not even sure are still “in”, you are not supposed to wear knit ones because they make you look homeless. Well, I don’t care! I love these Club Monaco fingerless gloves I got last year or the year before. They are cozy and practical.

I want to take a minute to talk about high heels. I used to wear (and buy) heels all the time. Then I moved to German and it was always cold, raining and a lot of walking. Now that I am in school I am carrying a super heave backpack- that is a whole other topic- plus I have to walk a lot so I have just been starring at all my pretty heels. I really want to wear them but my brain psychs me out every time.
It says to me every moring, Bre you know if you wear any of those pretty things you are starring at you will be in pain and agony. Think of all the walking you have to do today. And just like that, I out on flats.


  1. Now you get it! That´s why my high heels are resting in peace in their boxes since I got here....

  2. LOL that's exactly why I wear flats during the week and break out the heels on the weekend! I would love to wear heels during the week but I don't want to be in pain.

  3. i struggle with this simple because i'm chasing after my son. my mom always tells me a mother shouldn't be wearing those ridiculous heels...how are you going to run after your child in an emergency??! i'm usually in slippers on the weekend anyways!


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  5. OMG, you're so funny. NO you do not look homeless at all. haha I love the knit and I'm a fan of fingerless gloves for sure. I totally get why you wouldn't want to be walking all the time in your heels!! NIce post and have a great weekend


  6. It's so sad though ring?!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Yeah I pick function over fashion most days. My feet thank me for it.

  8. Yeah, you poor thing. I could't wear heels and chase kids with out falling flat on my face.


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