full monty

Do you remember Monty from the cartoon Chip and Dales? Well, I am like him when it comes to cheese. It makes me smile from ear to ear and if I had facial hair like he does, mine would twist up just like Monty’s at the sight/smell of cheese. If it were not for cheese, I would be vegan. No joke.
Cheese plate (YUM) from a cute cafĂ© by my sisters place. 
Wine always taste better with a little cheese. 
Fruit on a friends table.
Yummy little appetizers at a friends in Switzerland. Remind me to get her recipe. These things were simple, but Amazing! I ate 10 by myself then ate the dinner she made. Good, but dangerous!

Chip and Dales Monty cheese scene:

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  1. Cheese, chocolate, and ice cream. The 3 things I could not live without. Amen to cheese!


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