get a move on it

I wore the wrong shoes to trample around in the dirt.
 I got to ride in a gold cart though, so call it  a good day. 
dress: random store in Vegas. cardi: James Perse. shoes: Old Navy (super old). bag: Target (last year).

Before going out to breakfast, I made a little visit to the nursery with my dad looking for a tree. I found lots of nice trees, a few that would have looked great with lights and ornaments, but he shot me down. My dad is very particular about his tress so after about an hour of looking at one type of tree, he decided to shop elsewhere.
I did get him to snap a few shots of my outfit with my iPhone before leaving. The photos are blurry, but I like this outfit nonetheless.

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  1. Love the dress! The wedges are cute too :) I guess it would be hard to stomp around in the dirt with them, but at least they weren't stilettos, right? ha


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