it’s time to say goodbye


I'm sad to say all good things must come to an end. In my case good means mediocre. My blog has never been as great as I wanted it to be and I seem to never have time to post, let alone make it more that what it is. I love my little blog in all its mediocrity and will always have a place in my heart for my blog, and blogging. But for me, it’s time to say goodbye (insert a sad face and a tear here).
Thank you for all of your support, comments, help and friendship. I will never forget you.

If you want to say in touch, you can find me on Instagram at 27Bre.

Thanks again!



  1. I've recently came to the same conclusion. Hence why I haven't posted in a while. I'll miss your little blog :(

  2. Booo! Thats right Boo!! Bitte rethink this! Even if you only post once a month or thrice a year, don't deprive us fashionably disabled from your genius and guidance!! Boo I say!!! Don't leave us.... =(

  3. Noo!! ; ( I'm sorry you want to go, but at least we're still friends on facebook and instagram! So I'm sure I'll still talk to you..

  4. I'll miss you and your blog! But so glad we could be internet friends!

  5. Well, poo. I can still stalk you through Instagram though!!! Oh yes I can. :)

  6. Say it isn't so!! Now I am embarrased I haven't commented earlier. I stumbled upon your blog quite by accident while searching for something entirely unrelated. I have been following you ever since. You single handedly convinced me that otk boots could fit into an everyday wardrobe. Once you knocked that vision of Pretty Woman out of my head I finally allowed my husband to buy a pair for me (what is it with men and boots?!). I loved your adventures as an American girl in Germany. I loved that you were so genuine and fun and sometimes a little silly. You actually inspired a few purchases after watching how you incorporated certain items into your wardrobe. I'm sure I'm not the only one hoping you will change your mind - maybe just a monthly re-cap? I wish you lots of luck in school and everything you do in the future!!

  7. very sorry to hear this! and don't even say mediocre! i haven't been able to post as much, either, but i'm still chugging along. you will be missed here, but i'll find you on instagram (@rockoomph).


  8. too sad for writing essays - yet (for now!) accepting your decision and hoping for a comeback! hugs, miss you already - your neighbor Macs ;-) PS: would be happy to hear from you, in any way (FB, e-mail, whatever)!!

  9. How Sad! Haven't been here in a bit but on to better things!


Hey sweetie. Yes I am talking to you! I love that you are taking time out of your day to comment on my blog. It makes my day, really!!!