We had a great time in Amberg this weekend. It was typical Bavarian beer drinking and I couldn't be happier. They offer a half glass, it's like two beers in one, and it's still huge. We went shopping a the local "mall" and it was great. It was one store with lederhosen and drindl's. A drindl is a traditional dress worn in Bavaria to events and celebrations. And if you notice they emphasize the top proportion of the female body. I don't hate it! Our great friend Ruppert from Bavaria was there to help me pick a traditional dress and I thank you tons! Unfortunately we left our camera in our friends car in Amberg so I only have iPhone photos of the dress. Enjoy, and don't mind my silly socks please!
Oh, I hear I have a package form America! If it's what I have been waiting for you will see it tomorrow...

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