Coconut Brunch

Pancakes in Europe?! Yes you can find them. No they will not taste as good as mine. You see I am a true American when it comes to good food. I experiment. I took regular pancake mix (well as regular as you can get it in Germany.) soy cooking milk, a little vanilla soy milk and mixed it all together. It was too think and I had no regular milk but I did have some Batida De Côco. My boyfriend bought it for me thinking it was Malibu as I needed that for a cocktail I was making for a small dinner party. It turns out as I suspected, it was nothing close to Malibu. I then poured this liquidy coconut liquor in my pancake mix and little on top of the maple syrup and a pinch of powdered sugar, and voilà! Better than perfect Sunday Brunch.

I hope you are having a fantastic and relaxing weekend!

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