My boyfriend picked up the August edition of the German GQ a while ago, and I was lacking inspiration and decided to take a look at it. Lindsay Lohan was on the cover but I thought nothing of it. Then I saw the pictures of her. Wow, I never knew she could have sex appeal. Now I know she is wild and crazy and was just released form prison, but that does not mean she actually has sex appeal. The photo of her in the Jeep caught my eye and I would like to add it on the wall of my soon to be room of ladies (more info to come on that so stay tuned!) There was a nice spread of Kate Moss also. We have a large photo of her for my room of ladies already but I may just have to see double.

Some day I will have an up and running scanner in which I hope will produce better pics for you!

Satin Floral Lingerie, Dolce and Gabbana

High Heels, Steve Madden

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