sweater me raw don't leave me in the cold

If you must know anything about me, know this: I LOVE sweaters, cardigans and anything that keeps me warm. I always find oversized chunky sweaters and my sister always shakes her head in what I interpret as: she thinks I am crazy and/or old. There is just something about them and I have always had this fascination. It's like they whisper my name and tell me to slip them on. This could be due to the fact that I am always cold. This season I can not wait to get into a Stefanel store as they have nailed the look, the chunk and the warmth that begs me to wear them.
I am off this weekend to the country side, and I think this could be a great opportunity to experiment with those Timberlands I received what was it two years ago?!?! Ha, ha anyway I hope you have a fabulous weekend. My sister comes on Monday. I know you can't wait either.

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