day 9

I look mad in these photos but really I just feel like crap. I mustered up the strength to get ready (it took 45 min for make-up and hair which I put in hat) and walked to the store. Yes walked. I live in Europe. After grabbing a few needed items, getting home, and unloading them, I was done for. The rest of my day will be admittedly spent in front of my television on my cozy sofa.
top: J Crew. jeans: H&M. boots: Russell & Bromely. hat: from Charlie and Sam. scarf: Kimchi Blue from Urban Outfitters. belt: I don't remember. 

Charlie and Sam is a cute little store in Williamsburg, NY. It is owed by two sisters who live in the area and they often bring their dog. Stop by and check them out anytime you are in Brooklyn. 


  1. this is a great outfit and you're so lucky you get to chill the rest of the day. The yellow plus the accessories go so well together! =)

  2. yep, we walk everywhere over here.

    love this outfit and how you styled with the accessories. really enjoying following you.

  3. beautiful mustard yellow top and i loved the belted scarf too!!

    thanks for checking out my blog and the lovely comment. :)



Hey sweetie. Yes I am talking to you! I love that you are taking time out of your day to comment on my blog. It makes my day, really!!!