sniff sniff

I am home sick today so I thought I would share something about myself with you. As kids my sister and I were not allowed to wear any perfume, lotion, or any hair products that had any smell. My mom is allergic to all things that smell (including gum- okay not really but we were not allowed to chew gum either so I added that for comic relief.) So ever since I left the nest I have been obsessed with things that smell delicious. I even light candles when I am alone doing my home work just to get that something special in a room. Here is a little look into my collection.

1. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Perfume $80-$115 (It makes me feel sexy and powerful)
2. YSL Parisienne Eau de Perfume $39-$85 (okay I don't have this one but I want it really bad)
3. D&G Light Blue Eau de Toilette $85 (This is my signature sent from high school)
4. Etro Etra Etro Eau de Perfume (My new favorite. I wear it almost everyday)
5. Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Eau de Perfume $39-$49 (It whistles at you how could you not love it?)
6. Britney Spears Circus Fantasy $57 (It reminds me of my sister. I wear it when I feel sick, sad, or just whne I don't feel %100) 

I am going to try to get ready to go to the store. We need some food in this place! That means I will have photos of day 9 a little later. 


  1. hope you feel better soon.
    scents are such a great indulgence.
    I love my Chloe and all my scented candles...plus freshly baked anything!

  2. Oh, I love Victoria Secret's Sexy Little Things perfume! The whistle makes me feel like I'm too hot to trot. Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one who gets a kick out of that!


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