day one

This is day one of what seems to be a very long fifteen days, ha ha! This was my first "blog photo shoot" and to be honest I don't think I could ever be a model. I am NOT a natural at this. Guys how do you do it? So I began by trying to look cute (um... innocent) and....

 My boyfriend said I looked stupid and to try not to look cute. So then...
 I looked angry. So he proceeded to tell me to put my leg up on the balcony ledge.
 That was admittedly fun so it made me...
(top:mango, H&M skinny jeans, Russel & Bromley boots, scarf worn as belt, White House Black Market star fish ring, necklace- gift)

laugh obviously. 

Thank you busy boyfriend for taking photos since you never have time.

If anyone has types on "photo shoots" PLEASE let me know, ha ha!!!

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