THE move

My sister heard I was coming to stay with her for a while for holiday's and had a brilliant thought. Her thought went a little like this: "Sister is coming. Great. Fantastic. Oh wait that would be a fabulous time to move again."
top: American Eagle. blazer & jeggins: Club Monaco. boots: Stuart Weizman. ring: White House Black Market. necklace: borrowed
See, lately when my sister hears I am coming she does something dramatic like move. This will be the third time since last November that the little brat has moved and yes I was here for all three. Okay she is not really a brat and I guess I would want my help moving too so on that note I have to pack another box!


  1. haha, smart sister! ;) and i love your beautiful necklace in this jacket. pairs perfectly with the blazer.

    stay warm! can't believe you guys have snow already!


  2. Very smart sister, she sounds like my little cousin. :)
    The outfit is wonderful, I especially love that tan blazer and I agree the necklace is beautiful also. Your location just work so well with the whole look.

    Great remix!!

  3. great look on you and beautiful smile!


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