the not so rich and famous

day 15
I am finally in sunny LA!!! I still would like to know where I should go vintage shopping so if anyone out there reading this knows?!

Today I...
-posed by a blue wall because my sister asked me to
-drove for what seems like all day (just to the airport and back and I was in the passenger seat)
-ate peanut butter captain crunch for breakfast
-almost got stung by a bee
-went online window shopping- for a lack of a better word
-watch a soap opera (my sister had to for work so it's on in the background as I type)
-laughede a lot
-snacked on apples with cabernet soaked cheddar cheese
-watched Full House to fall asleep. We were at the concert until after one am!

Today I didn't...
-manage to capture, again, the cute little gold button detail on the sleeves of my shirt
-have a season Starbucks latte which I told myself I would everyday while in the US
-study my German
-anything productive
-buy anything today - yet
-work out

Editors note
I did not take my belt off in the last photo like Kelsey over at Snappy Fashion pointed out to me. Why you can't see it I am not sure why. Kinda creepy...


  1. cute outfit. your sister was right to have you pose near the blue wall, great photo!

  2. I absolutely love that top! And the idea of you posing by a blue wall was a great idea! Love the outfit!!

  3. The blue wall is great for these outfit pictures. It makes your face and the skirt really come alive. - Katy

  4. you have gorgeous hair! and i love this outfit. did you take your belt off for that last photo? ha :)

  5. Ahhh I so did not take my belt off! That is so weird.

  6. I just came across your blog via Kendi's challenge, and I'm so glad I did! I love the blouse!


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