I just read about such a fantastic idea. The very witty Kendi over at Kendi Everyday has made a challenge not only for herself but for all of you as well!
The Challenge: 30 for 30 A Closet Remix
Set aside 30 items of clothing and wear only those 30 items for 30 days (read more about it HERE)
Really hard part (for me):
No shopping in that 30 days!

I would LOVE to join the challenge BUT I am flying to the US in three weeks and there I will shop. Reason being is that I don't really shop in Germany. Must have items like hosiery yes and food naturally but, actual clothing not so much. I may still try to do it for the weeks leading up to my vacation. What do you think? We would all benefit from this so I am going to give it my all and keep you posted.

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