blending to perfection

After a LONG and drunken night out, I crashed at a friends house and did not have my trusted Laura Mercier in my bag, eek! 

My girlfriend had Almay smart shade smart balance makeup so I was brave and tried it. Having acne scars I can not bare to go out of the house with out some type of coverage. 
You just witnessed a confession: my conscious part of my body is acne/acne scars. It's not bad but it's there none the less. Here comes some photos of me yes I know photos me. 
To our surprise (yes she had not yet tried it either) it worked quite well. If you are in a jam and can't afford your high priced foundation this is great. Also if you are going on vacation in a climate different then that of your own you only need one foundation. Cool right!!!
Have a beautiful weekend.

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