that 70's day (i.e. day three)

It was not my intention to look like and extra on That 70's Show, but somehow I pulled it off with out a hitch. Carpet yellow sweater and flat hair. I'd say I qualify. Really, can you argue

(top: J Crew. skirt: Club Monaco. boots: Russel & Bromley. scarf: Zara. belt: Loehmanns. tights: Falke)

I must say that I am not impressed with my outfits so far (should I admit that on a so called fashion blog?)  I realize now how many accessories I don't have and how crazy lioness my hair really is. Thank heaves the day is almost over me and all I have to do it study so my hair can up in a MESSY bun. Have a great night and see you back tomorrow!

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