I am not sure if it's the holiday season or what but, since September I have been in LOVE with anything sparkly. Sequins, glitter, shine you name it my mind has said lets buy it.

1. Anthropologie target="_blank"Silver Cloud Dress $89.95 (sale)
2. Forever21 Crakle Lamé Dress $13.80
3. Forever21 Sequin Glam Mini $17.80
4. Forever21 Rhinestone Silettos $29. 80
5. Charlotte Russe Glitter Knit Velvet Dress $26.50
6. BCBG Asymmetrical Sequined Tunic Top $408
7. Velvet Dixon Ombre Sequin Cardigan $196
8. Felix Ray Love Letter Clutch $130
9. OPI Burlesque colors
10. Charlotte Russe Patent Toe Sequined Flats $22.50

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