it's an olsen thing


I saw this picture over at work your closet posted by the lovely Jamie (yes it’s a few days old. I am behind on my blog reading.) She did a really good job (as usual) at replicating Ashley’s’ look but I want to replicate MK’s look - Really though who out there does not want to re-create everything these girls do? I am having such jean and shoe envy right now. Relaxed jeans and flip-flops, um yes please! It’s pictures like this that make me almost want to be rich, famous, and live in California. I am none of the above and live the opposite direction form CA (I live north, very north.) That does not mean a girl can’t wear flip-flops on 30-degree days with rain and/or snow right? I mean, right?  Ah, okay you win; I won’t do it just yet. This picture makes me miss my sister too. If you are reading this sis, I love and miss you!
Cheers Dears, 


  1. i love the olsen's style too. such fashionistas!

    cute and little

  2. super cute and thank you so much for the blog love :)

    totally and utterly love your hair... ps.



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