saturday brunch and sunday musings

dress: Hallhuber. turtleneck: Ann Taylor. cardigan: Club Monaco. belt: BCBG. blazer: Silence + Noise. boots: Russell & Bromley.
Flowers I am enjoying from the bf. All white and in a little water pitcher, they are beautiful. 

I had a great time yesterday playing around with tones, lengths, and textures. It was also great spending time with the bf and finding a great wall of graffiti for photos. We enjoyed brunch and strolling in our bustling neighborhood. I even managed to get the bf to go into a beauty store where I picked up some nail polish and lip-gloss. I will see if I can squeeze in a mini manicure and show you some time this week.
Today my lovelies, it’s going to crazy in here. I will be a worker bee. Can someone put a pot of coffee on for me? Oh wait I forgot, we don’t have a coffee maker. Crap now what is a girl to do?
Here is the list:

1. German homework and general studying, reading, hearing, and all that stuff. Duration approximately three to four hours.
2. Cleaning up and out my closet. Yep that’s right. I am getting ride of stuff. I usually do this in the spring (thanks mom) but I am feeling overwhelmed like I have nothing to wear and I know that I have clothes in there somewhere. Well, unless of course I am washing someone else’s laundry. Mmmm....
3. Trying to get my 30 for 30 items picked out and washed. I am kind of stressing about it this time around. I feel like I will be repeating a lot of the same stuff but I also don’t want to and can’t afford to buy new stuff. How is it going for you?
4. Read my book. It's a great book actually and I want to keep reading it. It was recommended by a friend of my sister. Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn, has anyone read it? 
5. Spend more time with man.
6. And last but not least, a little relaxation. i.e. reading magazines and blogs that make want to go shopping.
7. Oh, and the gym. I have to go to the gym today I can't forget. This body needs a work out.  Fun! Haha.
Okay that means it’s time to skedaddle.

p.s. I was tagged by the darling Alessandra from Mode Moods to do the 7 things school thing. I am working on that too today. I didn’t forget it’s just that all my old photos are back in the US. I will try to scrounge something up, cross my heart.

Cheers Dears,


  1. i love the neutral color palette and the layering of cardigan and blazer. very lovely and i can't wait to read your 7 school things tag!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade! new entry this Tuesday.

  2. I think I just literally gasped when these photos came up. Such a different look for you and you look stunning! Love the lengths, textures and neutrals - WOW. Beautiful.

  3. I know this post is a week old, but I keep coming back to it. All these layers are just lovely. =) My motivation is renewed to find a great taupe blazer! Simply beautiful.


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