I don’t give a **** today

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 cardigan: Zara. t: Sandro. owl necklace Vero Mode. other necklace: homemade from an old tank. jeans: H&M. ankle boots: KG by Kurt Geiger

 It was SSSSSSOOOOOO not my day today. I woke up late, I forgot my water bottle, I forgot my phone at home, I got to school late, I found out we have not one but two vocabulary tests this week and that one of our big tests is in fact next week instead of in two weeks like scheduled. To top that off, my bag with all my books, my wallet, pens, laptop etc…. totally broke! Oh and I am eating my dinner right now and my spinach is yucky, I think at this point I should just get in bed until Friday. I mean the only time I even cracked a smile today was for these photos. Thats how bad my day was.

  Cheers Dears and I hope you are having a much much much better Monday that I.

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Hey sweetie. Yes I am talking to you! I love that you are taking time out of your day to comment on my blog. It makes my day, really!!!