a visit to the salon and frozen dark chocolate are better than therapy


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blouse: Disingual. skirt: F21. tights: Flake. otb: Stuart Weizman. 

Today had a trickling effect from yesterday. I am completely stressed out of mind over learning German. I mean can somebody just put the info in my head so I can be done with it already? I swear I have been studying it now for years (it has not quite been one) and I just want to be fluent already. I did take a little break to enjoy the sun and take some photos for this post. 

 Also on the agenda was a day at the salon. Just a cut. Nothing more, nothing less. I love the braid that my stylist did. Sometimes I wish I could take him home (not like that!) so I can have beautifully done do’s everyday. Wouldn’t that be just lovely? 

 Cheers Dears, 

 p.s. I have not actually had therapy before so I am just assuming. 


  1. wow you look great!love the lipstick!

  2. That tunic is absolutely fantastic - oh my, the colors! That is a feel-better shirt if ever I saw one.

  3. WHOA yes, that braid is phenomenal! And hello going to the stylist and dark choc IS therapy, in my book :) Esp. the choc part. I'd be a nutcase without it.

  4. love the bright outfit, make up and of course the hairdo! Now a personal hair stylist would certainly be a luxury I'd love to have as well, especially since I don't have hair is beautiful as yours and I'm mostly too lazy to make an effort for any kind of improvement. (hence the nick ;-) xox, Macas

  5. Ok that blouse is seriously the cutest thing ever! I love the print so much!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  6. WOOOOOW, can I just give that braid a big fat kiss! Gorgeous. As are you, my sweet. :)


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