purple finger

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cardigan: Express. shirt: Mango. dress: F21. necklace: Handmade gift from a friend in Peru. Ring: Some boutique in Oregon. 

 I did not plan on posting the outfit I wore yesterday but I am. Let me set up the scene for you: 
 There I was standing in front of my closet half naked (sorry but I was) throwing stuff over my shoulder like in a movie where someone would be picking it up after me. No one did. Anyway back to the story. I just simply could not decide; a dress, jeans, slacks, a skirt. I just didn’t know. 

My bf came in and said “The shirt you have in your hand with this cardigan.” 
Me: “Um checks with stripes? I don’t know about it.”
 Bf: “We are late so put it on and let’s go!” 
Me: “Oh crap, fine.” 

 So my super sweet, fashionable, and loveable boyfriend put this outfit together. Thanks honey. I added the jewelry and we were out the door. Oddly, later in the day my ring turned my index finer purple. Can’t say that has ever happened before. 



  1. Love the checks and stripes!!!! Looking good, girl!!!

  2. cool pictures. I love your boots!! :))


  3. I really love the pattern mixing of this outfit! I would wear this in a hot second if I had the items!


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