blurry chili day

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 leather jacket: IRO. button up: Nollie. See here in purple. tee: Jockey. jeans: G-Star Raw. boots: KG by Kurt Geiger. necklace: Hallhuber. 

 The outfit, the hair, and the lack of girly anything here makes me look like a boy. Sad. I was in a hurry leaving today and didn’t have the time or patients to add a pinch of something to this outfit. Therefore I relied on my “to go accessories” i.e. lip gloss. In this case I went straight for my Dior Kiss in Lychee Rose. It’s an oldie but a goodie and never lets me down. 

 Did you notice that most, %50, of the photos are blurry? My non-blurry photo taking skills were at an amazing zero today. Trust me I even took way more photos today than normal and you are looking at the absolute best four. 

 Another little insider detail about my title today; it’s not only chilly outside, I am making chili right now. It’s 85% homemade. See I decided to make this at one pm today so I had to used caned beans BUT, everything else right down to the vegetable broth I did my self. It smells amazing. Lets just hope it tastes like it smells. Cheers, Bre


  1. You make casual look so cute. I wish I could figure it out a bit better! I totally love your jacket!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  2. Diggin' the boots.

    And I want some chili.

    The Powder Room

  3. I actually really like the tom boy vibe of the outfit. Very relaxed. I HEART the leather jacket...

    Chili is wonderful on a chilly day. The smell of it cooking is half the pleasure. Hope it turned out as awesome as it sounds.


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