it happened to me...

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sweater: J Crew. skirt: Uniqlo. tights: Falke. heels: No name

…my skirt got tucked into my tights. That has not ever happened to me before. I noticed it, thank heavens, four steps away from the bathroom door and no one was behind me. I always thought that something like that only happened on t.v. Well no it’s real life kids, real life. The other bummer about it is some girl in the bathroom totally saw it and didn't say anything. Rude much? 

Can you tell in the first photo that I am wearing a heavy black scarf? I wore it all day as it’s not warm enough to go with out yet, but the shadows in the pictures were too harsh so I took it off. Not so sure the outfit looks the same with out it but oh well! 

Well I have no more embarrassing things to share so until tomorrow! 

Cheers Dears, 


  1. I love your skirt!

  2. omg.. having your skirt tucked into your tights or underwear would be the most embarrassing thing ever! Thank goodness you noticed!! Cuuuute heels! Love!

  3. You look so chic! even despite the skirt incident ;) my skirt always blows up in the wind and it's so embarrassing!

  4. This is an elegant outfit. So stylish but seems timeless and classic too. I'm glad you noticed the skirt-in-tights issue before you left the restroom. If I were there, I would have told you! Jeesh - people :S

  5. I LOVE this look!! Seriously, in love. The skirt is fantastic, as are the shoes, the sweater and the scenery.I love the grey/mauve colour and how the skirt reminds me of a ballerina.

    That was super rude of the girl in the bathroom, I definitely would have spoken up - it's every girl's worst nightmare (ok, maybe not thatt drastic...)

  6. Also love that look (wish I could borrow the sweater) and moving right on to the rude girl in the bathroom: I normally don't play the "envy guitar" (using it as an excuse for negative attitude), but in this case it's just too obvious: You are so gorgeous, she was probably hoping for some embarrassment. Either that or she was blind. ;-) hugs, Macs


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