... then the rain came

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button up: Mango. sweater: sound & matter (Pacsun). necklace: thirfted. leather shorts: IRO. tights: Falke. flats: Gianni Bini

My hair was downright curly and had barely any frizz when I woke up this morning. It was a miracle I tell you. The weather report had reported sun and 60 F. Well that indeed was a lie. As soon as I stepped into the daylight I realized that there was no real light because the sun was being bombarded with gray gloomy clouds. Immediately my hair went flat and frizzy. I did not let that stop me and still had a very wonderful day. I explored, I shopped, I walked, and I learned some more German. 

I bought these tights this winter and have been dying to wear them. Every time I try them on though I end up looking like a little girl. While lying in bed last night, I thought why not mix them a menswear vibe. I always try to add a little pink and/or purple when I look boyish anyway so why not a bold splash of girlyness?! What do you think? 

 A tip from me: I always wear Chanel perfume when I wear menswear or when I look like a boy. It gives me a strong sense of femininity. Try it!

 Cheers Dears, 


  1. Great Pics!!!
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  2. good tip with the chanel! hate when weather messes up your hair!

  3. Holy moly! LOVE those tights woman! SO fun! I love your menswear chic vibe you've got going on here. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! I love Anthropologie. I wish it was closer so I could work there! My dream job, haha:)

  4. Not only are you supercute, stylish, chic and all those other good things, on top of that you're also a natural at posing! Or is there a trick - like wearing chanel perfume in combination with menswear? If so, please share!!! hugs, Macs

  5. Wow! I love this look! The tights seled the deal for me, but I'm loving the flats too. I don't wear flats nearly enough - and you showed how cute stylish they can be.


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