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I am not one of those girls that can wash my hair and be out the door twenty minutes later. Yes I have curly hair, which is pretty easy aside from deep conditioning weekly, using product to tame the frizz (the best it can be) and having to use a diffuser and blow-drying it about %90 dry. Drying it is where the problem lies. I have a lot a hair (not complaining), which takes a long time to dry. Some days it takes a lot more time that others like today. I didn’t pick out my outfit last night and only had enough time to throw some stuff on and hope it was warm enough with out being too warm. Not my favorite outfit but it’s an honest one. I hope you are having a fantastic day. Cheers, Bre


  1. what do you use to keep the frizz away? I have naturally curly hair like yours and I haven't found anything that works good..

  2. i'm not wash n go either! i wash my hair at night so that it dries by morning....although it does frizz when air-dried. cuts down the morning routine by 20 minutes, tho!


  3. it can be such a pain to tame one's mane! some days i just put it in a bun and say to hell with it!

    love your scarf, such a pretty pattern!

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