i am in a whirlwind, or a whirlpool.

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pink under shirt: American Eagle. sweater: French Connection. skirt: Club Monaco. tights: Flake. wedges: Jeffrey Campbell. 

I woke up this morning thinking I needed a cocktail dress. The next minute the good old bf said no that I need an evening gown. And not just any evening gown. A simple, conservative, and non-attention drawing one. That is where is got tricky. Then he said an Armani type suit was what I needed. Then at school he texted me and said I needed a cocktail dress or evening gown. While shopping for an evening gown I got another text saying the Armani type suit would be best. I am going to some event that I don’t know and clearly he doesn’t either. So I have no idea what I am supposed to wear to this thing. Maybe I will bring all three options. Good plan right? Cheers Dears, Bre


  1. You look amazing, very cute the pop of color!:)

    For these occasions when I know what to wear (aka what is appropriate attire) I throw on my little black dress. Problem solved.) ;)

  2. I love that skirt and the open back of the sweater! This is such a cute look, even though it's not the full ball gown you wanted to wear haha

  3. Nice outfit! I love the texture of the skirt, and the color too :)


  4. I love your skirt!!

  5. I love how warm and comfortable your outfit looks.

  6. Love your skirt, and the color, AND that it has pockets!! lol

  7. This looks so cute. I love the pop of pink in the back and the wedges look very cool with black tights.

    Hope you figure out what to wear. Just listen to your instincts and not him is all I can say! :)


  8. love the peek-a-boo of pink!



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