my neighbors’ colorful broom

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vest: Rachel Roy. turtleneck: Halluber. jeans: H&M. boots (yeah there back it's freaking cold again): Stuart Weizman. scarf worn as head tie: Ann Taylor. 

I love taking photos in this little space between our support beam for our balcony and the neighbors’ ugly green fence. However, as of late I have been avoiding it because of a little yellow and blue friend that slips over on to our side of the balcony. Now I am not one to possessive or anything and normally I wouldn’t care but this for some strange reason drives me up the bloody wall. See I don’t ever say bloody but this broom is making me someone I am not. 

Today however, I was wearing blue and a little yellow so I braved it over there and with out viciously knocking the broom over I made it through my little photo session. It didn’t bite me, yell at me or even throw anything at me so I still can not explain why it being a few inches in my way gets my blood boiling. Also today I went shopping, again, for a dress for Friday night. Three large stores and at least ten dresses later my hair is in disarray and I have yet to find a dress. This event may have me showing up in my birthday suit. Cheers Dears, Bre


  1. Haha, you should just push that broom back on to it's side of the fence!

    I love your scarf, the color is just so pretty!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Love the addition of the scarf, it's such an amazing pop of colour and so pretty!

    Alexandra xo


  3. shut the front door. could you be anymore adorable? I know that's a word usually reserved for small children, but it's early and I felt weird writing sensual seeing as how this is my first comment. Got to keep things relatively normal at first ;) Why for the life of me can I not wear a scarf like you do here?? I end up looking like a sad 50's house wife, tired and over worked with no idea how to rock the scarf. le sigh.

  4. the scarf looks totally great. that inspires me to try it. It stands out in the dull colors.

    I have an addiction in dull colors and I totally love this look


  5. LOVE those boots, they fit you so well! so nice of you NOT to push that broom over, lol. i think i would have! oh, looks like you are feeling better??


  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! LOVE THOSE BOOTS!

  7. Hee hee...you match!
    So pretty.


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