a party to dress for and a bbq

Instead of buying a new dress that I was not totally smitten with for the Henri Nannen Prize Awards (German equivalent to the Pulitzer Prize) I went with a tried and true and keep it light. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 
 dress: Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent. Heels: Miu Miu. Ring: White House Black Market.

That was Friday night, fast forward to Saturday and you get this:
 We had a bbq. It was fun fun fun. Since we were outside most the photos we took didn’t turn out or looked ridiculous. I am sure, actually very sure that no one needs to see me looking silly. We did get some good shots of the grill thought. Okay confession, when I say we took photos last night I meant my bf did. Thanks babe! 
 Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday. 
 Cheers Dears,


  1. Seriously loovvee this dress! You look so pretty! That grill does look really cool.

  2. great dress, you look amazing in it!

  3. WOW. You can really pull off amazing LBDs. Hope it was a fun night - I bet a lot of heads were turning in your direction. Oh, and don't get me started on those shoes.

  4. Once again too hot for words!! (your outfit, not the fire :-) xox, Macs PS: Found my speech again and just want to add that the dress is awesome, but your legs would make anything short look stunning!

  5. u look so chic in that fab dress!


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