old photos and new confessions

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Style section of the Zurich Sunday newspaper and strawberries. What more can you ask for on a Sunday?Photobucket

These photos are from my last trip to Zurich, or maybe the one before the last one. I can’t quite remember. I just love this little lace t my mom gave me but I always have a hard time fitting it in with my everyday items. Finding these photos remind me that I need to get working on that.

So here comes my big confession: I have not ever seen Sex and the City. The movies yes. A few episodes okay. But not really watched it. I just never sat down and actually watched it. So I just bought season one. On episode three and I am beginning to see the revolution. I just want to put on some heels even though I am sitting in my pajamas. I think I am officially hooked and still jet lagged. Yes I am back home just in time to jet off tomorrow morning for a wedding.
Gotta get packing, cheers dears,


  1. I am obsessed with Sex and the City, I watch it any chance I get!

  2. haha, i know right?? she makes me want to wear heels and daisy dukes to walk my dog! LURVE your hair here!

  3. i love your hair!!!
    have a beautiful day
    kisses from prague!

  4. your hair looks so amazing! i really could get jealous with your curls...

    i'm a huge maniac for SATC. have fun by getting into this world of heels, fashion love and fun.


  5. Looking forward to seeing your Sex & the City inspired looks. Pretty lace top and great nail polish too, dear.

  6. That lace top is ah-mazing.

    I looove Sex and the City. I'm hoping to get some seasons on DVD for Christmas this year.

  7. SATC is definitely one of my fave tv shows EVER! i love all the fashion and the dialogue is really good too!!

    and gorgeous lace top. hope you recover from your jet lag!

    cute & little

  8. Me too about SATC--Actually my friend came over yesterday and there was a marathon on tv when I should have been studying--I actually enjoyed it and could follow along fine until I realized I only caught the final handful of shows!!

    oh well.

    Anyway, lovely curls!

    ♥ http://preponderance-of-fashion.blogspot.com/

  9. The series is so much better than the movies! Love your hair btw.


  10. LOOOVE your hair! And yes, the series is so much better than the movies! And if you're going to watch the movies, only watch the first one, the 2nd one was a HUGE disaster!



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