old habits die hard

I made it to Germany and must confess, I have yet to venture outside. Well in my "home" town here, Hamburg, anyway. I have once again found my stash of Sex and the City episodes on my Apple TV and it's so cold that I am okay staying in with them.
I am sure friends will be calling soon and I will trek outside to meet them but until that happens, I am more that satisfied warm and cozy on my couch.
I don't drive in heels so they find themselves riding high in my car.

shoes- Mango
car- mine


  1. Those shoes are cuttee! I can never drive in heels either lol You day sounds just like mine today.

  2. SATC, all cuddly on the couch?? Perfection, if you ask me!! xx Nat

  3. glad you made it safely!! i love to just lounge and hang out at home, so this sounds really nice to me!

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