don't wash the chucks


As I was packing for Germany I began to clean the white part of my converse when my dad suddenly shouted, “don’t wash the chucks!” I retorted with, well they are dirty. He rebutted with “they are supposed to look like they have been worn. In the 70’s everyone wore unwashed chucks. It was the “in” thing to do he said.


  1. hahahaha that's what all my friends did. I guess I liked to wear them worn out in high school too, but I kind of like them cleaner now. Actually, truth be told, I don't wear them now. But they appeal to me more when they're cleaner :)

  2. hahaa he is so right! I rather have my converse a little "worn in" too

  3. That is awesome! When I was in high school, we'd have friends step on the whites of our shoes so they didn't look new. We had to dirty them up just so. :)

  4. He is right! I just use a sponge on the white parts and try to wash them less as possible!!

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  5. i've never washed mine...just out of pure laziness, but i actually like them dirty, lol. in fact, i try to dirty and scuff them before i wear them out for the first time. silly, i know.



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