the little things

1. my perfume arsenal
2. pumpkin spice chai latte
3. dad and margaritas
4. Goldfish being displayed on my laptop stand. I haven't had Goldfish in forever. The were on an end cap on sale which totally grabbed my attention. Nice marketing Fred Meyer, you got me! 
5. A random balloon my dad got at work that he gave to me. It was floating around my room for a week. 
6. I actually made my bed Saturday. This doesn't happen often lately but I love how clean it makes the rest of my room feel.

I am on my way to LA for a whirlwind three day vacation with textbooks in toe and homework hanging over my head.   


  1. Have a great time in LA! I went recently and after neglected blog I took pics and most of them got erased :( So I'm headed out there again next weekend, so the city is all yours this weekend ;) Also, love that you got a 2 for 1 in your third pic (Dad AND margaritas).

  2. your latte looks like it was delish! hope you have a fun little vacay!

  3. haha, goldfish is a regular thing in this household! we just had goldfish smores!

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