dusk til' dark

(HA! I messed up that title! It should read: from dawn til' dark! I need sleep.)

I have been going to school at 9 and leaving school after six pm this week. Yesterday I was at school from 9 to 9 (9-21:00! I am exhausted.
I had my camera in the car, but it was too dark to take any photos so I had my study buddy snap a few. They are a little blurry, but beggars (which I almost had to) can't be choosers. This means though, that I get to wear this again and I am stoked about that.
 I love this dress. I also rocked it here.

outside the library.
inside the library.
I have to go get ready for school!!! 
Have a beautiful Friday


  1. A 12 hour day?!? No wonder you're exhausted (and don't agree with my school life balance). My days are about 8 hours shorter than yours. My schedule is really lucky this semester.

    I hope you get to have a relaxing weekend!


  2. love this "working chic" attitude! cool ;)


  3. Ah crazy school schedules.. kinda miss it actually. I hate asking/begging people to take my pictures. It can be so awkward. You just need to move to Utah and work at my office so we cant take each others outfit pictures everyday. That would make my life much easier lol


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