Danish Muffin

I was walking around waiting to meet a friend who is always late when I ran across a cute little store called Herz & Krone. I walked in and everything was so colorful I felt like it was spring again.

I picked up an orange wallet and wow was it soft. If I would have had more than lunch money with me I am sure I would have bought it. Designed by Maria Fodeh Christensen in Copenhagen, the line is called Octopus.

If you are heading to the Who's Next & Premiere Classe in Paris this weekend you will be sure to find the bags, wallets, and belts. It's moments like that, that make me miss being a buyer and getting to see all this first.

Herz & Krone, as it turns out, sells exclusively labels from Denmark. So much fun guys! I love discovering new and fun things. This was refreshing to find and I am glad I can share this Danish day with you. Now only if I could find a Danish Muffin...

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