day what 5?

(top: Club Monaco. jeans: French Conn. boots: Stuart Weizman. belt: Rough Roses. fingerless gloves: Club Monaco. scarf: Burberry. black and gold bracelet: gift 

Today was a crazy day of packing and traveling. I am in Munich for the night and off to a little city called Amberg where I am told if I even get cell phone reception that I am lucky. Fun. Fun.
I took the train to Munich from Hamburg today and one complaint (besides the one about me typing with a German key board right now.) This man came out of the bathroom and it was stinky. To top it off he didn't put down the toilet seat. Two unpleaseantries in one. Yuck.
I did work out today hence the crazy punching scences. It was a mixture of working out and wearing fingerless gloves. I felt powerful and fearless. That could also come from my giant wind blown hair.

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