day 8. yes 8 comes before 6.

Sunday was a day spent in my Mango button up blouse and French Connection skinny jeans (just like day one) with my boyfriends cashmere sweater over the top. I was, and am, sick:-( I looked so bad yesterday there are no photos of the evidence. I made it through 2 hours of school today and had to come home. I can't talk and for me that is HUGE. I am such a talker my boyfriend has been jumping for joy the last two days.
Me with barley any make-up on today. I am wearing blush for some color.
(top: J Crew. jeans: H&M. boots: Russel & Bromely. scarf: Gap)

My weekend in Munich and Amberg were fantastic and once my man comes home with his iPhone I can share my outfit from Saturday. Meanwhile I am going to continue to watch The Nanny in German, sip my tea, and hopefully take a nap. Until later....


  1. Yay! I can comment! Is it just me, or did I totally miss something last week? I was trying to comment, but couldn't find a place to do so. Anyway, I LOVE your style, girl. I'm so sorry you were sick over the weekend. Hopefully you're getting better! I had something awful last week and am SO glad to be getting rid of it. Your boots are GORGEOUS.

  2. sorry to hear you're sick. I was having trouble commenting on your blog up to now...yay, it finally works! So, I can finally tell you how much I like your style and your outfits so far. Get better!


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