gift boxed

This is on my "I am cool enough to have been invited to Christmas parties" wish list.
Goldfinger clutch from Fashion no Depression 

Can you keep a secret?  
I have a secret.
 I am about to share it with you.
I had my sister call my mom and tell her that when she flies out for Thanksgiving to have enough room in her car for a large suitcase. That large suitcase is.... wait for it...


My mom and step-dad have no idea that I flew from Germany to spend Thanksgiving with them. I can't wait to to surprise my mom tomorrow! I am actually surprised she has not found out yet. She is very intuitive but this time she honestly has NO clue.

What are you wearing for Thanksgiving? I want to know. Will you be posting it? I picked my outfit last week (okay I am traveling so I had to) and I can't wait. I just hope it has enough give if you know what I mean. 

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