the freeze

turtleneck: LOFT. jeans: Banana Republic. Leather Jacket: Rock'n Blue. necklace: hand me down from sis. belt: Zara

So you know how yesterday I said we were having a blizzard? We now have inches of snow and below freezing temps (I am talking 24 today people). Put two and two together and what do you end up with on the side walks and in the streets? You got it: ICE. I can not wear heels let alone regular boots. I see stylish girls doing it here all time which means one of two things. They either are more stylish and like the thrill of falling or they have blue and black behinds. People are falling all over the place in snow boots but these ladies do it. Would you?
I may be going sledding in twenty minutes! I have never been sledding but I can't find my snowboarding pants so I may have to wait until next time. If I go, I will so be taking pictures. After that we are going for a latte. Wanna join?

p.s. I just looked at my blog and my outfits the past little while and I have noticed I can't dress for cold weather. My outfits seem boring and ordinary and I promise to try to spice it up a little. After all I do want you to keep coming back for more. If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comment field.

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  1. That leather jacket is AMAZING. What a gorgeous color and the shape of it is lovely.

    And I've never even SEEN 24 inches of snow, and I definitely can't imagine walking in it. I am all for high heels, but I draw the line at wearing them in a blizzard.


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