I will be the first to admit that I like material things. They do keep me warm at night contrary to popular believe and they make me smile a lot. No I really mean that. When I get new shoes I wear them around my house with what ever I have on and dance around and smile for days. For Christmas this year though I didn't ask for those faux fur boooties, or the perfect black bag, or make-up or anything even material. This year I asked my loved ones to donate money to one of three charities of my choice. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Feed America (here)
2. Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (here)
3. Rape Victims in the Congo (here)

Well, I just opened my first Christmas present this year and it was a donation to:

This is the most fulfilling and best present I have ever opened. Thanks mom!
(check out mom's great blog here)

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  1. What an awesome & selfless idea, Bre! You have chosen some great causes to support and should feel really proud of yourself.


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