killing time at the airport. everyone's favorite past time.

I was trying to show the great sleeve of this button up but this was the best I could do. 
button up and necklace: hand me downs from sister. slacks: Italian store in Germany. boots: Guess. 
Oh what a lovely day at the airport. Our first flight was delayed and our next we have no status on. It’s like a movie outside. You know the dark, windy, and snowy scene at the airport. I feel like Catherine O’Har in Home Alone: with out the left my kid at home part. I just hope we make it to our destination. Are you at your holiday destination?
Anyway, this was the little outfit I wore to our Christmas dinner in Hamburg with my boyfriends’ parents. Even though it was snowing on top of snow and ice thought what the heck I am going to wear heels tonight if it kills me. And I did. Suede ones at that! So HA HA Mr. Bad Weather you can’t get me. 

 Sorry the photos are small. We have the worse internet connection and I can't get them to download any larger. We are internet tethering just so I can make this post. 

An Airbus 380 (the biggest passenger plane) just pulled up and everyone, including my boyfriend, is at the window snapping loads of photos. The sweet darling even turned around and snapped a few of my in my trusty little travel cardigan. I wear this cardigan rain or shine when I travel. It’s like a security blanket just actually useful and functional.


  1. I hope the rest of your travels are safe. I like that button up. It is such a pretty color. Also, those high waisted trousers are perfect paired with it.
    No Guilt Fashion

  2. I love those high waisted pants with the navy button-up. Very simple and chic!

    Have a safe trip!

  3. lOVE the high waisted trousers!!!! happy holidays:)

  4. The outfit with the blouse is just tremendously chic and I love the grey "top" ( I know, you said it's a cardigan and I bet it's lovely and perfectly comfy for trips, but I need to see more of it to say: I love the cardigan ;-). This was certainly one of the weekends (along with the eyejafjalaköla-event), when I was relieved, that we don't do traveling right now (not that I'd want to leave Vienna at Christmas anyway.) greetings, Macs


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