cheese please

My two best friends I met in Hamburg joined us. Say hello everyone to Yuko and Denisse. 

Raclette night was a hit! Everyone had a great time and way too much cheese, potatoes, bread, pickles, baby corns, pearl onions and SO much more. It was a little hectic at first because I forgot the potatoes but after the first wine bottle popped open everything seemed to be flawless. I am not going to say that it was because of the wine but I have a sneaky suspicion. I am looking forward to my next little get together.

What I am not looking forward to is packing tomorrow. Like I have said before I am the worst packer ever! I always pack too much of the wrong stuff. This time though I have a plan. It will be like the remix. I will take only x amount of items (to be released at a later date) and re-work them as best I can.  I hope the cute booties I ordered are at my dads when I get there so I can show you. 

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  1. first in line to invite myself to one of these fun and wine enhanced parties :-) hugs, Macs


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